_CMB9509The People’s Sound Record Shop as been located in All Saints Road for more that 20 years.
A legendary shop that aim to celebrate the Jamaican music and culture.

Daddy VGO is the owner and founder. He came to the UK in the fifties and is one of the last surviving members of a group of Jamaicans who have been utterly instrumental in championing Jamaican reggae music. He continues to promote and support the development of Jamaican music.

For more information: People Sound Record Shop

11 All Saints Road, W11 1HA
T: +44 (0)2077929321


Watch Daddy Vgo on the film trailer of the Duke Vin, Count Suckle & the Birth of Ska in Britain:

[youtube id=”3mPyMb0I4Y0″ align=”right” maxwidth=”400″]

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